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Lecture: Lubricating Greases

Mr Nelson Tam

Marketing Manager of Industrial Products, Asia Pacific

Lubrizol Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

Nelson Tam has been employed in the oil industry since 1988. He has worked in a variety of different areas within the lubricant industry. His current position with Lubrizol is marketing manager of industrial products, Asia Pacific. Nelson is based in Singapore, provides marketing support for Lubrizol’s industrial products to customers in the Asia Pacific. Nelson holds a BSc degree in Chemistry from University of Waterloo in Canada.

Brief Overview
This training will provide trainees the basic understanding of definitions of grease and applications. Trainees will be familiar with grease composition and its technical terms.

Key Topics

  • Grease composition

  • Difference between grease and lubricants

  • Various grease composition

  • Grease additives

  • Grease classification

  • Grease market drivers