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Paul Nai, Bert Fabian, Srikanth Visvanathan

ALIA explores collaboration with UNEP’s Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles

From left to right: Paul Nai, Bert Fabian and Srikanth Visvanathan On October 26, the Asian Lubricants Industry Association (ALIA) held a Member-to-Member Sharing Session that involved the presentation of a new ALIA Whitepaper on commercial vehicle lubricants. Presented by Paul Nai, senior director at Lubrizol Southeast Asia, the session highlighted some of the challenges faced…

WEICan tests new lube technologies in wind turbine applications

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan), a non-profit research institute located in North Cape, Prince Edward Island, Canada, and ExxonMobil have agreed to test new and innovative lubricant technologies for wind turbine applications and technology designed to monitor lubricant performance. WEICan and ExxonMobil’s collaboration will focus on improving performance and cost efficiency of turbines…

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