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Upcoming Events

Training Electric Vehicle Lubrication

Training Workshop: Fundamentals of Electric Vehicle Lubrication – Hybrid Event

Conducted by Dr. Edward Becker, President & Founder, Friction & Wear Solutions LLC April 26, 2022 Montathip 2, Siam Anantara Bangkok Learn lubrication fundamentals and how they apply to current and future automotive propulsion systems, as well as the lubrication challenges unique to hybrid and full electric vehicles. This training workshop will also include a special presentation by…

STLE/ICML Certification Exam Preparatory Course

Live, Online Combination Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) & Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA I, II, III®) Certification Exam Preparation Michael D. Holloway Training & Competency Development Leader, 5th Order Industry This course offers a total of 32 hours instruction and is the most advanced oil analysis training available.  The course is taught over eight days (4 hours per day).…