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Online Events

Upcoming Events

In 2021, we have launched new initiatives, including Member-to-Member Sharing Sessions and Industry Sharing Sessions, to provide a platform for ALIA members to network during the Covid-19 pandemic, while sharing best practices with fellow ALIA members.

Also, we have initiated a partnership with 5th Order Industry to provide cost-effective regular training programs for ALIA members. These live online training courses are available throughout the year, and can help employees of ALIA member companies to prepare for either the STLE certification programs or the IMCL certification programs.


Member-to-Member Sharing

This year, ALIA is introducing a new platform for members called “Member-to-Member Sharing Session.” 

Member-to-Member Sharing with Pertamina

Our first sharing session will be held on February 23, 2021 from 3-4 PM SGT. The focus will be on biodiesel and will be presented by Brahma Putra, Pertamina Technical Specialist of High Speed Diesel Engine Oil Application. Brahma is a mechanical engineer, with nine years of experience in lubricant technical service. He has a certification from ICML MLT-1. 

In January 2020, Indonesia implemented a 30% biodiesel blend in the market. This is the highest mandatory mix in the world. How is this regulation affecting user industries? What is the impact on lubricant and engine performance? 

All active ALIA member companies are entitled to complimentary registration.

Non-ALIA members can register for a fee. Contact us at

Lubricant Training Courses

ALIA has partnered with 5th Order Industry to provide ALIA member companies with cost-effective lubricant training courses that are available live and on-demand.

With this partnership, ALIA members will receive a 50% discount on all Lubricant.Training programs.

These lubricant training courses have been designed to prepare you for either an STLE or IMCL certification exam, and on average require 30 hours to complete.

To view all available Lubricant.Training programs, click on this link.

To receive your ALIA member discount code, email

2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

Keynote Presentation: The importance of lubricants and tribology in reducing CO2 emissions and achieving sustainability goals

Dr. Mathias WoydtFollowing up on our conference theme of “Sustainability of Lubricants,” we are pleased to announce that the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting will kick off on March 9, 2021 at 4 PM SGT with a keynote presentation entitled “The Importance of Lubricants and Tribology in Reducing CO2 Emissions and Achieving Sustainability Goals” by Dr. Mathias Woydt, Managing Director of MATRILUB, from Berlin, Germany. Dr. Woydt is the vice-president of the German Society for Tribology. 

The broad range of solutions offered by lubricants and tribology to reduce CO2 and achieve society’s sustainability goals will be presented by Dr. Mathias Woydt using two recent studies of the German Society for Tribology. 

His keynote address will be followed by a discussion from a panel of distinguished industry experts. Moderating the panel discussion will be Dr. T.C.S.M. Gupta, Chairman of ALIA’s Technology Subcommittee and Senior Vice President, Quality, R&D, and Technical, Apar Industries, Ltd.

As ALIA has a vital role as an environmentally and socially responsible collective association, participation in this keynote presentation is complimentary to all active ALIA members. Non-ALIA members may also participate for a fee. Please contact to register.

Past Events

Below is a list of past webinars which are available for purchase. The cost for active ALIA members is US$25, for non-members US$50.

Webinar 1: Basics of Metalworking Fluids

This online training course offers an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of metalworking fluids. The webinar will examine why metalworking fluids and markets are unique and will provide details on segmentation within metalworking fluid types and applications. Rita will discuss metalworking processes and their lubricant performance needs, as well as current and future market drivers that will change metalworking fluid requirements. 

Presented by: Rita Chee
Product Manager, Metalworking, Lubrizol

Webinar 2: Base Oil Markets — The Only Constant is Change

This webinar discusses the continuing changes in base oil supply and demand. We will examine how such changes will impact lubricant blenders. Group I supply will continue to decrease and Groups II and III will take its place. Group IV (PAO) availability continues to grow with big investments by the major suppliers.

The good news for blenders is that the market will have excess base oil supply for years to come, so prices will be kept in check (notwithstanding any big swings in crude oil pricing). Bright stock supplies will continue to dwindle and blenders should examine alternatives for high viscosity components.

Blenders need to consider the need for base oil interchange and have backup plans especially for products that use Group III. Finished lubricant demand will grow in Asia, unlike in North America and Europe. However, the widespread adoption of full battery electric vehicles will eventually cause a steep decline in engine oil sales.

Presented by: Jack Zakarian
JAZTech Consulting, LLC

Webinar 3: Best practices in lubricant formulation and blending — Reducing complexity, waste and finished product contamination

Whether you develop your own product formulas or get them from suppliers, there are many formulation items that need attention at the plant level. We will discuss how to develop “robust” formulas, that is, formulas that blend right the first time with minimal adjustments.

We will also discuss how to set batch release specifications and how to implement quality monitoring for tests that cannot be run at batch release. Does your company have a system for the management of changes?

All blend formulas and blending procedures must be documented, and all changes must go through a defined approval process. We will introduce the concept of “core components”, or complexity reduction, to simplify inventory of base oils and additives. Does your plant have a system to minimize slop oil? Using blend compatibility guidelines can be a big help in reducing waste as well as reducing finished product contamination.

Presented by: Jack Zakarian
JAZTech Consulting, LLC

Webinar 4: When will electric vehicles take charge? Potential impact on lubricant formulations and sales channels

Even though the current electric vehicle (EV) population is small, nearly all industry experts predict that EVs will ultimately dominate the vehicle market. The big question is when. This webinar will examine the impact of EVs on lubricant demand and manufacture. We will discuss performance properties needed for EV lubricants that are different from those of current lubricants.

Change intervals for grease, transmission, and axle fluids will be very long and supply of lubricants for service fill will be small. Factory fill supply of EV lubricants will be the biggest sales channel, so lubricant manufacturers need to develop good OEM supply relationships.

Presented by: Jack Zakarian
JAZTech Consulting, LLC

Webinar 5: Basics of Engine Coolants

An engine coolant is much more than just a liquid that prevents your engine from overheating. In this webinar you will learn more on the different aspects of a coolant; the benefits and challenges; insights into composition and inhibitor choice; and, the drivers for future developments.

Amol Chore is a Chemical Engineer with more than 12 years’ experience in the Chemical Industry. In his role as Technical Support Manager, he works with both Asian and Global OEMs providing Coolant Technology Solutions. He is an active member of automotive industry group Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

Presented by: Mr Amol Chore Technical Support Manager – India, Arteco

Webinar 6: Industrial Gear Oils

Modern gearboxes demand high quality gear oils. This can only be met by well formulated industrial gear oils.

In this webinar, Afton Chemical will share what is bringing about the change we are seeing today. We will also discuss the elements of a modern, high-quality gear oil.

Ms Lim Choon Noi is currently Senior Customer Technical Service (CTS) Specialist with Afton Chemical Asia. She specializes in industrial lubricants and provides solutions to customers in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

Choon Noi has more than 25 years of experience in the lubricants industry, including working for Castrol and BP Lubricants. She has held various positions in laboratory, R&D, Product Development, Marketing, Customer & Product Portfolio Management. She received her BSc Chemistry degree from the National University of Singapore.

Presented by: Ms Lim Choon Noi Senior Customer Technical Service (CTS) Afton Chemical Asia

Webinar 7: Sustainability of Lubricants

This webinar will be the first in a series of webinars organised by ALIA on the topic of lubricant sustainability.

Recently, ALIA published its sustainability statement which listed the following core values of the organisation:

  • Conservation of the environment
  • Use of natural resources in a manner that minimises adverse impact on the environment
  • Full support of local and global efforts in shaping an energy future that meets the goals of United Nations’ climate initiatives.

ALIA aims to provide leadership to its members and to the lubricants industry at large to operate with an awareness of critical environmental concerns. This first webinar will touch on the following:

  • ALIA Sustainability Statement – Steve Puckett, Founding Director, ALIA
  • How Sustainable are Vegetable Oil-Based Base Oils – Mark Miller, President, Biosynthetic Technologies
  • Sustainability of Current Lubricant Additive Technologies – Beth Grove, Chief Sustainability Officer, Lubrizol
Steve Puckett

Steve Puckett, Founding Director, ALMU

Mark Miller

Mark Miller, President, Biosynthetic Technologies

Beth Grove

Beth Grove, Chief Sustainability Officer, Lubrizol

Webinar 8: Additives for Metalworking Fluids

Following our highly successful webinar on the basics of Metalworking Fluid held in April, our members have requested Ms. Chee to present a follow-up webinar, this time focusing on additives for metalworking fluid. This webinar will provide a brief overview of the metalworking fluid market and its end use applications. The focus of the webinar will be on the different types and functions of metalworking additives generally used in formulating a metalworking fluid.

Presented by: Rita Chee Product Manager, Metalworking, Lubrizol

Webinar 9: How to Reduce Power Costs in Your Lube Plant and Lower Your Carbon Emissions with no Capex


Total Solar Distributed Generation (DG) recently partnered with Total Oil Asia Pacific to solarise Total’s largest state-of-the-art lubricant blending plant in Singapore. The 1.2MW solar PV system generates around 1,511 MWh of renewable electricity per year, representing 35% of the lube plant’s power requirements, saving up to 528 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Learn how you can reduce power costs in your lube plant through solar power, with no capex/upfront investment.

Gavin Adda

Gavin Adda
CEO, Total Solar Distributed Generation, ASIA

Webinar 10: Key Trends in Asian Lubricants Market


Sushmita Dutta is a project manager in the Energy Practice at Kline & Company. She is based in Kline’s India office and works on the company’s syndicated market research reports in the areas of finished lubricants, lubricant basestocks, used oil and re-refined lubricants, waxes, and lubricant additives.

Her presentation will cover trends in the finished lubricants markets of Asia based on Kline’s in-depth research and analysis of automotive and industrial finished lubricants, end-use industries, trade classes, major suppliers, and market trends in leading country markets.

Sushmita Dutta
Project Manager, Energy Practice, Kline & Company