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American Petroleum Institute

The American Petroleum Institute (API) represents all segments of America’s oil and natural gas industry. Its more than 600 members produce, process, and distribute most of the U.S.A.’s energy, and the industry supports 10.9 million U.S. jobs. API was formed in 1919 as a standards-setting organization. In its first 100 years, API has developed more than 700 standards to enhance operational and environmental safety, efficiency and sustainability. One of these standards serves as the basis for API’s Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System (EOLCS), a voluntary licensing and certification program that authorizes engine oil marketers that meet specified requirements to use the API Engine Oil Quality Marks.


ATIEL is the technical and innovative hub of the European lubricants industry. It promotes the compliance of lubricants with quality standards and legislation through the European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System and the Code of Practice. In that context, it also informs and provides training and education to public and private stakeholders and to the public. SAIL ( monitors compliance with ATIEL’s European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System and Code of Practice

Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

Since 1948, the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) has been the voice of member companies that produce more than a quarter of the automotive lubricants and three-quarters of the metalworking fluids in North America. ILMA’s top priority is providing the safest, highest-quality products to customers that keep planes in the air; cars on the road; and the machines in businesses, households and hospitals running efficiently. ILMA supports policies based on sound science, rigorous analysis and common sense that keep customers, employees and communities safe, while protecting the business model of providing individual solutions for customer needs. ILMA also serves as a technical and educational resource to members, their customers and lawmakers.

National Lubricating Grease Institute

NLGI is a not-for-profit trade association, primarily composed of companies who manufacture and market all types of lubricating grease. Incorporated in 1933, NLGI’s members are located in 26 different countries worldwide, including members from every continent in the world. The objectives of NLGI are to disseminate information that can lead to the development of better lubricating greases for the consumer and to provide better grease lubrication engineering service to the industry.

The Institute works continuously to strengthen its association by rendering service to the end-user of grease as well as those on the manufacturing side. NLGI provides affordable training, recognition & influence, cost savings & benefits, industry access, academic outreach and more. NLGI continues to promote the technical advancement of grease lubrication, and contributes materially to greater production, increased machine life and a higher quality of machine performance through better lubrication.

Shanghai Lubricant Trade Association

The Shanghai Lubricant Trade Association (SLTA) was established in 2005. SLTA has nearly 200 member units, also including two branches — the Lubricant Additive Committee and the Metal Working Fluid Committee.

We have established 11 research bases and seven third-party testing bases. Every year, SLTA hosts the China International Lubricant Apply & Technology Exhibition and co-organizes the China International Lubricant Industrial Development Forum.

SLTA publishes the “Shanghai Lubricant Information” monthly. We adhere to the tenet of “Serving Enterprises, Standardizing Industries, Developing Industries”. In recent years, SLTA has continued to expand its services, such as Online Lectures, China’s Base Oil Price Index, Enterprise WeChat etc.

Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers

The Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers (STLE) is the premier technical society serving the needs of more than 13,000 individuals and 250 companies and organizations that comprise the tribology and lubrication engineering business sector. STLE members are employed by the world’s leading corporations, academic institutions and by governmental agencies dealing with science and technology. STLE supports these distinguished technical experts with a variety of professional education and certification programs. STLE is a professional technical society providing a selection of robust resources in technical research, education, and professional development delivered through programming, courses, events and periodicals on topics most important to you: safety, energy usage, maintenance, natural resources, wear and productivity.


Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore

SEAS is a sustainable energy association with members that have solutions across the board from decarbonization consultancy, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency solutions as well as digitalization of energy type solutions.

Union of the European Lubricants Industry

UEIL (Union of the European Lubricants Industry) represents the interests of the lubricants industry in Europe, with a special focus on SMEs and independent companies that produce lubricants and metal processing fluids essential for the automotive and industrial sectors. Through its 35 members, UEIL covers the whole lubricants’ value chain, from manufacturing and distribution to recycling, and represents more than 450 companies and 100,000 employees. Our members’ collective expertise provides an unrivaled source of information and knowledge on and for the lubricants’ industry, and establishes UEIL as the principal interlocutor of the EU Institutions in areas such as health & safety, environment, recycling, access to technical information, technical specifications, taxation and industry statistics. For the last 56 years, UEIL has held its yearly Annual Congress in October, offering a unique opportunity to players in the European and global lubricants industry to meet and network, strengthen their relationships, and learn more about the latest developments from a technological, economic, marketing and regulatory perspective.

UK Lubricants Association

The UK Lubricants Association (UKLA) actively represents members’ interests both at home and overseas.

Representing the majority of the UK lubricants industry, UKLA is actively engaged with other trade associations involved in the sector including those representing refining, recycling and downstream users on matters impacting the industry, through consultation, representation and lobbying UK and European Governments and industry authorities.

In addition to its core representation role and activity, UKLA also provides its membership with industry networking events and knowledge sharing, through training and communications on industry developments and legislation.

The UKLA organisation acts as the voice of the UK lubricants industry.

UNITI Bundesverband mittelständischer Mineralölunternehmen e.V.

UNITI Bundesverband mittelständischer Mineralölunternehmen e.V., founded in 1927, is the German association of small- and medium-sized mineral oil companies. UNITI provides a wide range of expertise in the fields of fuels, lubricants and heating oil, and represents around 90% of SME mineral oil companies in Germany.

The majority of independent SME lubricant manufacturers and distributors in Germany are members of the association. Its market share is approximately 50%. With their highly innovative automotive and industrial lubricants as well as metalworking fluids, UNITI members are indispensable partners to the manufacturing industry and ensure the highest technological standards. UNITI also represents the majority of manufacturers and distributors of additives for fuels, lubricants and heating oil.


German Lubricant Manufacturers Association (Verband Schmierstoff-Industrie e.V., VSI)

The German Lubricant Manufacturers Association is the association of all major manufacturers of automotive and industrial lubricants in Germany. With over 80 member companies, VSI represents over 90% of the German lubricants industry. Members of VSI are multinational oil companies, but also small and medium-sized companies. The association’s task is to represent and promote the economic and technical interests of its members against politics, authorities and other business associations.

One important task of VSI in cooperation with UEIL is a set up and define sustainability aspects and key figures of carbon footprint of products targeting to implement a European branch standard.