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Mr Piao Jicheng

Mr Piao Jicheng

Technical Manager, Overseas Business and Marine Oil Department

PetroChina Lubricant Company

Mr Piao Jicheng is technical manager, overseas business and marine oil department at PetroChina Lubricant Company. Prior to this he was R&D engineer – marine engine oils, at the PetroChina Dalian Lube Oil R&D Institute, and is a member of CIMAC WG19 “Technology for Inland Waterway Vessels”. Jicheng has significant R&D experience in 2-stroke marine engine system oil, 4-stroke trunk piston engine oil, bio-degradable marine stern tube oil, marine auxiliary lubricant supply and distribution, blending on board (BOB) package, marine flushing oil and re-refining of used lubricant. He holds a Masters of Polymer Chemistry & Physics from Shandong University and a Bachelor of Chemistry at Jilin University.

Published papers

  • CIMAC Congress 2013: No. 322: “Black Sludge” in TPEO & evaluating sulfonate & salicylate detergents on asphlatene dispersancy (in English)

  • Dalian Lubricating Oil Economic Forum: Slow steaming and requirement for marine cylinder oils (in English)

  • Lubrication Engineering Vol. 38 No.3: Research on marine diesel engine oil used in low sulfur fuels and low load working condition (in Chinese)

Brief Overview: Viscosity and its Grading
This lecture will illustrate the concept of viscosity and different viscosity classifications, with a particular focus on viscosity grades of engine oil and industrial oil. A brief mechanism about viscosity index improver will be explained. Viscosity comparison table gives approximate equivalence of values for a typical conventional fluid.

Topics Covered

  • Concept of viscosity and classification

  • SAE viscosity grades

  • ISO viscosity grades

  • Viscosity index

  • Viscosity comparison table

Brief Overview: Marine Lubricants
This lecture will illustrate the concept of marine lubrication and classification of marine lubricants – focusing on the performance requirements of three different marine lubricants. It will cover trends in marine lubricants driven by emission regulation such as IMO 2020. The selection of marine lubricants will also be explained according to different parameters.

Topics Covered

  • Concept of marine lubricant

  • Classification of marine lubricants

  • The performance of marine lubricants

  • Trend of marine lubricants

  • The selection of marine lubricants