Mr Rangarajan Srikanthan holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and an Advanced Diploma in Management. He has over 20 years experience in the additive industry with Chevron Oronite, primarily in sales, product management, OEM liaison and customer technical service functions.

Brief Overview
Lubricant additives are chemicals that are added to base oils to enhance the lubrication, improve the functional properties of the oil & prolong the life of the lubricant. Lubricant additives are a combination of different performance enhancing components like dispersants, detergents, anti-wear agents, friction modifiers, oxidation modifiers, pour point depressants, etc. The additives minimize wear of moving parts in equipment,  minimize deposit formation, provide corrosion protection, improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, minimize oil oxidation, minimize viscosity increase and improve the life of the lubricant. This presentation covers the main ingredient of the lubricant Рperformance additives. Additives are used in all type of oils including engine oils, industrial oils, etc.