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Download ALIA’s structure, governance, and ethical standards.

Download ALIA Resources

We maintain a range of information resources that outline the structure, function, and governance of ALIA which include rules and procedures for decision-making, ethical principles and standards, and allocation of means. The following resources are available to download. Member-only resources can be accessed via our Member Portal.

Code of Ethics

At ALIA we promote the highest ethical and moral standards. ALIA’s Code of Ethics guides the conduct of members, emphasizing values such as integrity, respect, and responsibility.

ALIA Initiatives

Education Initiatives

ALIA develops and implements effective education initiatives to support professional development. Augment your lubricant knowledge and learn from the region’s leading experts. Join ALIA today! Download the membership form.

Anti-Trust Statement

Anti-Trust Compliance Guidelines affirm our commitment to comply with anti-trust laws and regulations to promote fair competition and prevent anti-competitive practices.


Sustainability Statement

ALIA is committed to environmental, social and community stewardship. Our Sustainability Statement outlines core values, leadership, standards and support of local and global sustainability efforts.