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ALIA has formed five subcommittees to implement key aspects of the vision of the organization. These are:

  • Technology & Information, 
  • Events & Activities, 
  • Governance, Best practices & International Relations, 
  • Membership, and
  • Professional Development. 

These subcommittees provide the working foundation of the organization, and therefore form the backbone of ALIA. Their importance cannot be overemphasized, so we encourage all ALIA members to become involved in one or more subcommittees.

All ALIA member companies can nominate one representative for each subcommittee. The representative does not necessarily have to be the official ALIA representative. 

Guided by the ALIA Council, each subcommittee aims to meet virtually every quarter to review and plan their respective activities and to meet face-to-face once a year during the ALIA Annual Meeting. Each subcommittee will present its activities before the general membership during the Annual Meeting.


Mr. Watcharapong Pathompanich (Alex), Business Development Manager – P.S.P. Specialties Co., Ltd.

Events & Activities Subcommittee

The ALIA Events & Activities Subcommittee oversees the planning and execution of association activities, from its annual meeting to education courses, training workshops, webinars, dialogue sessions, plant tours, trade delegations, and member networking activities.

Past ALIA Activities:

ALIA Annual Meeting & Global Leadership Summit 2019, 4 – 5 March 2019

ALIA Lubrication Fundamental Course, 19 – 20 September 2019:

ALIA Dinner 2019, 26 November 2019

ALIA Digital Roundtable and Plant Tour, 27 November 2019


Ms Sharmini Lohadhasan Counsel – Brands at BP Singapore Pte Limited

Governance, Best Practice and International Relations Subcommittee

The ALIA Governance, Best Practice and International Relations Subcommittee develops industry position papers and engages government and authorities on regulatory matters pertaining to the manufacture, import and sale of lubricants. The Subcommittee’s current focus is on Anti-Counterfeiting, Non-Tariff Barriers and Environmental Issues.  

An ALIA White Paper on Counterfeit Oils is under development jointly with Kline, the global consulting and research firm. 


Mrs. Mia Krishna Anggraini, Vice President Overseas – PT Pertamina Lubricants

Membership Subcommittee

The main focus of the ALIA Membership Subcommittee is to promote membership in ALIA, ensuring member value remains at the core of the organisation.  

ALIA represents more than 120 companies from 20 countries, consisting of independent lubricant manufacturers, major and national oil companies, and supplier companies.  ALIA is affiliated with established industry associations in China, Europe, UK and the U.S.A., including UEIL, SLTA, UKLA, GDLIA, ILMA, API, STLE, ATIEL, UNITI and NLGI. 


Dr. Ho Leng Woon
Chairman – AP Oil International Limited, Singapore


Mr David A. Barned, Global Vice President – Operations & Supply Chain/General Manager – North America, Master Fluid Solutions

Professional Development Subcommittee

The ALIA Professional Development Subcommittee seeks to promote knowledge, trade expertise and social responsibility in lubricants manufacturing and its related industries. The Subcommittee conducts technical and management training courses and will offer professional certification courses in the future.

Past Training Courses:

ALIA Lubrication Fundamentals Course, 19 – 20 September 2019


Dr. T.C.S.M. Gupta, Senior Vice President Quality, R&D and Technical – Apar Industries Limited

Technology & Information Subcommittee

The ALIA Technology & Information Subcommittee provides advice and serves as a technical resource centre for issues such as electric vehicles and their impact on the region, updates on oil specifications, environmental regulations, grease developments, etc. The subcommittee aims to be a valuable resource for consumers on matters related to engine oils and other consumer facing lubricant products.

In 2019, the subcommittee published an ALIA White Paper on Electric Vehicles, which is available in the Member only area.